TrueRanker Lifetime Deal [$59] – Best SEO Keyword Rank Tracker?

Keyword research and SEO optimization is the key to content! But we all know how much costly any SEO analysis tools are. 

Shall we not analyze keywords for this? But, of course, we will.

Research has shown that about 56% more revenue comes from the Google search engine. So how?

Introducing TrueRanker!


Here I’ll explain TrueRanker how it is effective for SEO ranking on Google.

What is TrueRanker?

TrueRanker is a robust keyword rank tracker that helps you to monitor, improve, and localize your SEO strategy easily. 

It helps you to optimize SEO so that you can boost organic traffic and revenue.

TrueRanker is an alternative to SE Ranking and Pro Rank Tracker.

It’s best for SEO consultants, agencies, growth hackers, and site owners who want to optimize global SEO strategy using one tool.

TrueRanker allows you to discover and track relevant keywords that help you to improve SEO visibility and traffic organically.

Even you can send and receive SEO reports with custom filters and tags automatically.

TrueRanker has Three key features that help you analyze content with proper keywords.

TrueRanker Features

TrueRanker helps you take control of your SEO strategy, improve SEO visibility, and get more traffic from Google organic search.

Let’s have a look at the three features of TrueRanker;

Local SEO Rank Tracking

Using TrueRanker, you can monitor local SEO keywords rankings. Also, you will have access to all the necessary data to improve your Local SEO strategy with ease.

You can monitor the Google My Business listing that helps you know your SEO competitors and their local level at your city and your niche.

TrueRanker’s SEO tool is the best for agencies; You can monitor an infinity of local keywords. In addition, there is no limit to creating local projects you want. 

You can share and send unlimited projects and emails as many as you want.

SEO Analyzer

TrueRanker allows you to keep top of your keyword positions without missing single organic traffic. 

You can see rank in Google’s web search and get traffic, downloads, and users for them. 

You can track the targeted keywords of your extensions in any country (50,000 locations at your fingertips).

You will get data insights like search volume, CPC, and estimated traffics for keywords in your full location. 

SERP Analysis

You can analyze the elements that appear on the search results page for your keywords so that you can better respond to the search intent that Google raises for the keyword.

You can find out possible URLs of the same projects competing for the same keyword and maybe causing a potential problem in your SEO strategy.

Keyword Suggestions

TrueRanker’s keyword suggestion tool helps you discover the best keywords to rank your project in Google Search. 

You can even find out if your project’s already running in different countries and add the keywords you think are essential for your projects. 

 You analyze the monthly traffic these words can bring you in each country.

WordPress Plugin

Using TrueRanker’s WordPress plugin, you will get project data at a glance in a single dashboard. 

Install the SEO plugin in WordPress and get complete projects insights in front of you such as keywords, volume, CPC, rich snippets, and more. 

It will help you improve your SEO position in search results by providing robust data.

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TrueRanker Pricing Plans

Use one tool that helps you research keywords, find the best keywords, analyze SEO, and improve strategy for your project.

TrueRanker comes with Three pricing plans;

AdvancedBusiness, and Advanced for agencies.

Advanced Plan $9.99/mo:

  •  100 Keywords
  •  900 SEO content analysis
  •  Keywords Suggestions
  •  Sistrix Visibility Index
  • Unlimited domains
  • Cannibalizations
  • Results in Local Pack
  • Related Searches
  • Integration with GSC, Positions history
  • Serps data, Volume, CPC…
  • Keyword Trends, Featured snippets.

Business Plan $24.99/mo:

  • Everything Advanced Plan Features +
  •  500 Keywords
  •  3000 SEO content analysis
  •  1 Competitor for each project
  •  Keywords Suggestions
  •  Sistrix Visibility Index
  •  Share projects

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Final Thought

Use TrueRanker that helps you to analyze SEO data, SERP data, and keywords that are best for you. 

Improve the SEO strategy that enables you to overcome the top of search results. 

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