Session Review – Details, Features & Pricing

Session is the booking and planner creator platform for unique businesses that create bookings made by consumers a sober and hassle-free experience. Bookings made for various services can be a hassle and attractive during the venture. But Session helps to solve that monotonous experience into a delightful one where your business will attract and keep customers devoted to your booking patterns.

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Features Session has to offer

  • Create mini sessions 
  • Ahead of time scheduling and availability 
  • Customisation as per required for your brand needs

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Benefits from using Session

  • Mini Session: Allotting smaller sessions to help reduce workload and meet needs as per the requirement of time of the client 
  • Scheduling: Time management becomes easy for various sessions with clients that are scheduled ahead of time upon consultation from both parties. 
  • Customisation: Gives you the full flexibility to create our own styles of bookings and email for the attraction of your requirement of clients 

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  • 14-day Free trial
  • $19/month 
  • Includes all features, unlimited sessions, unlimited bookings and customer service.

***Early plan is also available 


Session is a wonderful creator’s platform for business owners in the creative field, where consultations, booking appointments for venues designers, photographers, artists, designers of all kinds can benefit from creating a booking platform for their clients that not only is hassle-free but also provides the convenience of one’s time. The unique editing and designing methods of sessions helps create a feeling of assurance that their customers will have a hassle-free booking experience that supports their business relationships in the future.