Shortly AI Review

Shortly AI is a software tool that will benefit people involved in blogging as you can use it to write content ranging from blog posts, sales copies, and books, among others. But the big question is, is it worth investing in? Does it do a great job of generating unique and good content? 

Shortly Ai Review 1

If you are wondering whether the Shortly AI tool is worth investing in, this is the article to read. We will review the Shortly AI software and help you decide whether it is worth it.

But first! What is Shortly AI?

Shortly AI is a specialized software tool designed to generate content. It is a content-writing machine that automatically writes content related to blogs, books, posts, and other content, such as product reviews. 


Some of the noticeable features you will enjoy on Shortly AI are;

  • Command System Set: You need to direct the tool on what to write and how to write content; hence, the command system. This feature allows you to indicate the topic you want to generate content on, the number of words you want the tool to write on, and the content breakdown. For example, do you want the article to have headers, a listing, and so on? Note that the command system feature has to be applied manually. So, start by writing the article topic in the title box. You can include an introduction part to guide the software in generating an introduction. If you want to have other subtopics in between the article, make sure to insert the writing style.
  • Write For Me: Remember that the topic you indicate is what the tool will use to generate the content. Therefore, if the topic aligns differently from what you wanted to write, you will end up with the wrong article. Thus, this is where the “writer for me” feature comes in. It helps one to come up with a topic. However, keep checking the automated topics and content to ensure it is correct.
  • Auto- Sizing: Also referred to as auto-put length, this is a feature that allows you to adjust the size of your content. Are you writing a 300 words article, 500 or more? Also, how many words do you want per paragraph? This feature is recommended for blog posts as it will help you generate the right size for your blog.
  • Video Script Writer: This feature is added for people who post content related to videos and need to learn how to write a catchy script. 

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  • It is easy to use as some features, like the command system, are straightforward
  • This tool saves time since it generates written content fast
  • Shortly AI will be versatile and can write any content

Who is ShortlyAI best for?

  • Bloggers/Writers: If you enjoy writing blogs on different topics and want to generate quick blogs with minimal effort, then Shortly AI is an excellent tool to invest in.
  • Brand Marketers: Writing content to boost brand awareness and increase sales is recommended for any brand. So, this tool will help you generate broad content to reach your audience. This can be done through video or written content.
  • Youtubers:If you have a youtube channel, then ShortlyAI will help you easily create content for your Youtube videos.


  • It is quick and efficient
  • The tool is versatile
  • The tool is easy to use
  • Suitable for all content creators


  • The system quickly goes out of topic, so you need to monitor the content written closely
  • Sometimes it may not generate the correct word count mainly for lengthy articles


You can opt to pay either monthly or annually.

  • Monthly subscriptions are 79 dollars per month
  • Annual subscriptions are 65 dollars per month (2 Months Free)

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Final Thoughts

So, is Shortly AI worth it? It is a good writing tool that can save time and help you generate content. Note that you can only partially depend on the tool to write your content. It can quickly go off-topic, so you need to monitor what is written. Also, you should know how to write content on different topics in case the tool cannot generate enough words.