Salient Theme Review: Features & Live Examples [2021]

Salient is a multipurpose WordPress theme and is one of the most popular WordPress themes on Themeforest. It is one of those, what we can call “mega themes” like Avada,X theme, etc.

It is responsive and can be used to create any kind of website, easily. Whether it is a business website, an eCommerce website or an online portfolio, Salient can be used for everything.


The best thing about Salient is the number of demos and page/section templates that you can include into your website and get a quick start. It is thoroughly customizable and very easy to use.

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Salient is also one of the best selling themes on Themeforest with over 93,000 sales till date. It is updated regularly with new features and templates. Salient is performance optimized and beautiful.

Let’s see, one by one, the features and what you can do with the Salient Multipurpose WordPress theme.

Salient Theme Demos

What makes it easier to work with the Salient WordPress theme is the availability of demos and ready to use templates. With these designs, you can create professional looking websites, without designing efforts.

All these demos and templates are customizable, so you can customize them to make it look and work the way you want.

There are different demos under the different categories: Blog, one page, business, eCommerce and portfolio.

Salient WordPress Theme demos

Under each category, there are different design variations that you can choose from for your WordPress website. The best thing is, all of them are available with the theme design, you don’t need to pay extra for the design of your choice.

The theme demo comes with ready to use page designs, structured menus, and widgets in their places, different sections, etc. You can choose from these demos and insert them into your website with a single click.

Once inserted, your website will start looking exactly like the demo. All you need to do is- to edit it and insert your own content to replace the example text and images.

Have a look at their demo section and there are all the design variations you can ask for – website design with video banners, eCommerce shop templates, minimal designs, sliders, parallax blocks, etc.

Page designs and templates

Salient theme templates

There are also one page designs, in case you want to use Salient to create landing pages or one page portfolios, or one page websites in general. So that eliminates the need of looking for landing page themes or one page WP themes for your site.

Moreover, there are more than 250 templates that you get with this multipurpose WordPress theme. You can choose from among the design and include the template into your website with just a single click.

All of these designs are thoroughly customizable. You can easily adjust the colors, change the images and text, without any change in the code. This can be done by using the easy peasy and intuitive options you get as the admin of your website.

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Other Features

As we have seen, Salient theme comes with different demo variations to get started with your website, and it can be used for almost any purpose.

Therefore, when it comes to design front, the possibilities are unlimited, and the Salient theme suffices for everyone who wants to have a professional quality website, without actually involving professional help of designers or developers. Moreover, you can use different WordPress plugins to add new features to your website.

That was about the design, but what are the other features that make Salient theme special? Below listed are some of the notable features of the Salient WordPress Theme.

Abundant design variations

Sure you get the ready to go demos, and templates. But besides them, are the various design variations for different purposes.

These are in form of different header styles, blog styles, portfolio designs, and single post layout options. You therefore have the full freedom to choose how individual elements of your page appear to the end users. And what more, you can change them easily, just with a click of your mouse.

Therefore, with the Salient theme, even if you are not a designer – how your website looks is completely in your hands.

Page Builder = Extra Comfort

WP Bakery page builder with Salient Theme

What adds to the comfort as well as flexibility of the theme is the page builder. Salient has lot of page designs and template structure that you can choose from, but still you might want to create a design of your own.

Here, the page builder makes it possible to create the design of your choice, just by simple drag and drop options.

The Salient theme comes with a specially tailored version of WP Bakery page builder (formerly known as the Visual Composer). The version of the page builder is designed to specially work with the Salient theme making it more flexible and customizable.

With the drag and drop options, you can either edit the inbuilt templates, or create a page of your own effortlessly.

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Shortcode Generator and shortcodes

The page builder gets you things done easily, but still want to use shortcodes? No problem. The Salient WordPress theme comes with an intuitive shortcode generator to let you create shortcodes. There are more than 500 shortcodes and other options to help you with content management on your website.

Slider, page transitions & Animations

transition effects

Sliders on your website give you a good change to capture the visitors attention. Salient theme comes with some custom sliders designed just for your theme. These sliders have features like parallax scrolling, and image as well as video support.

The theme also comes with beautiful and subtle page transition and animation effects to enhance the browsing experience of a website created with the Salient theme. However, you can completely alter the animations too!

WooCommerce support

You can totally create an eCommerce website with this WordPress multipurpose theme. The Salient theme supports WooCommerce which is one of the best WordPress eCommerce plugins out there.

There are special theme designs for WooCommerce in their demo sections. You can choose one as per your requirement and get your eCommerce website running in just moments.
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Performance and SEO optimized

The performance of your website and it’s speed directly impact the overall ranking of your website. This is why the Salient theme is designed and programmed to perform.

The theme is light and fast and lets you create a website that doesn’t keep your visitors waiting. You can use the to make sure that the content you add to your WordPress website is SEO friendly too.

Salient theme Documentation and Support

Even though the theme is crafted for beginners and lets you create a website with the help of very intuitive options, you get enough help as and when required.

The Salient theme is well documented so that you can easily follow the instructions and setup your website on your own. Since the documentation is well-organized, you can find the answers and instructions you need. Because even if you are a WordPress expert, you might want some help regarding the theme while it’s still new.

With the help of the Salient theme guide, you can change the defaults and make your website look and feel the way you want. They make sure that the theme documentation is always updated whenever a feature is updated or a new feature is added.

On buying the theme, you also get the theme support. Therefore, if you ever need technical assistance while setting up your website with the Salient theme, you can contact them and get your queries solved.

Basically, the theme support is provided for the first 6 months but you can get extended support for another 6 months by paying extra $18.

Who should buy the Salient Theme

The salient WordPress theme can be used by almost anyone. If you have never created a website before and are unsure if Salient is for you, go ahead and get started. Salient is very good for beginners as there are a lot of demos and templates to begin with.

If you don’t have any design ideas or not very sure about how your website should look, these templates are a good start. Besides, they are customizable. The included page builder makes it really easy to realize your design ideas, with the very intuitive options.

Without even learning a single aspect of programming or designing, you can achieve a professional looking and fully functional website, quickly. And ofcourse, the control is always in your hands.

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Even if you are an expert programmer, you can use this theme to create your website quick and easy. It helps you save a lot of time that you can invest in developing your business or creating useful content for your website.

Salient is not for you, if you want a very simple website to build a personal creative blog, or a small business website in budget. Because it is priced at $60. And at Themeforest, you can find niche blog or personal portfolio themes at less than that.

Salient theme pricing

The Salient theme is totally multipurpose, very flexible and easy to use. It sure has the features of many basic WordPress theme in itself.

The good thing is, you get all these features for a price of a single theme. The Salient theme is priced at $60, which includes all the theme demos, design variations and beautiful features. Also included is free support from Themenectar for 6 months. If you feel you will need more support, you can get an additional 6 months support for 12 months by paying $18.

The price of Salient theme is comparatively more affordable than paying programmers and developers to get your site created and contacting them every time you need a minor change in your website. This Multipurpose WordPress theme puts the power in your hands at a very affordable rate.

Final Words about Salient Theme

The Salient theme is obviously one of the best WordPress themes available on the Themeforest. It is great for mega websites with multiple features.

For example: You want a business website, that talks about your business, has the sections and pages that specifically talk about your business, and along with that you want to run a small eCommerce store. Here, a theme like Salient is perfect.

Salient is creative and modern WordPress theme. Because there are plenty of customization options, page builder, templates and there are unlimited possibilities of what you can create.

Even with just basic skills, you can create a totally unique website with your copy of the Salient theme. And with no technical skills, you can still get a professional-looking website ready and running, in just minutes