Can’t be bothered reading the whole review and just want the highlights? Here’s a quick summary of what I found about Riverside. 


Riverside is the first video podcasting software that enables local recording of lossless audio and 4K video tracks independent of internet connection. Riverside.fm makes it easy to record remote podcasts and video interviews that look and sound like they were recorded in the same room.



  • Beginners 
  • Content creators
  • Podcasters
  • Celebrities
  • Brands
  • Agencies


  • Podcasting
  • Webinar
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Live Shows
  • Split-screen Video
  • Customer Testimonials

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  • Magic Editor 
  • AI Speaker View
  • Media Board
  • Customize Background
  • Social Streaming
  • Live Call-in
  • Screen Sharing
  • Progressive Upload
  • Automatic Backups
  • Mobile App Support


  • MAGIC EDITOR- It saves you plenty of editing time by combining recording and editing into one automated process. The Magic Editor automatically stitches separate audio and video tracks together that were locally recorded.
  • AI SPEAKER VIEW- This feature analyzes your videos and automatically switches whoever is currently speaking into full-screen mode. It does this just a second before they speak, and the result is nothing short of a smooth and seamless transition.
  • MEDIA BOARD- The Media Board feature allows you to skip the need to manually insert intros, outros, jingles, sounds, and theme music in post-production. In other words, it is live editing at its simplest!
  • CUSTOMIZE BACKGROUND- Adding custom background to your video recordings or podcasts is pretty straightforward with Riverside FM. Simply add your video and audio, choose from the various background options, and export your recording.
  • SOCIAL STREAMING- You can stream to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, and other social media platforms all at the same time. This provides creators a huge opportunity for promoting their podcasts on various mediums.
  • LIVE CALL-IN- This feature allows you to invite your listeners to call into your show live to engage with you or ask guests questions.
  • SCREEN SHARING- It allows you to host presentations with your audience. Simply click the screen share icon from within the recording studio and choose whether to share your entire screen, a tab, or a specific window with your team or audience.
  • PROGRESSIVE UPLOAD- Your audio and video recordings are uploaded in the background and even if guests are uploading remotely to the cloud, it happens in near real-time. All of this happens in lossless audio and 4K video, regardless of internet connection.
  • AUTOMATIC BACKUPS- Your audio and video recordings are automatically backed up so you don’t have to ever worry about losing your content.
  • MOBILE APP SUPPORT- Riverside FM has an iOS app that allows users to record both audio and video content locally and also upload the recordings from a mobile device. The mobile app is available for download on the App Store for iPhone users.

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  • Studio-quality Audio
  • 4K Video Recording
  • Stable Connection
  • Smooth App Ui
  • Better features than Competitors
  • Budget-friendly
  • You can go over your plan hours
  • Live chat support
  • Clips by Riverside for repurposing content
  • Up to 7 guests


  • Free plan time is Limited.
  • Only Supports iOS devices.


Basic — $9/month ($7.50/m paid yearly)

  • Record 2 hrs/month of audio and video
  • Separate audio and video tracks
  • Live stream to Twitter/YouTube/Facebook
  • Accept live call-ins

Standard — $19/month ($15/m paid yearly)

  • Record 5 hrs/month of audio and video
  • Separate audio and video tracks
  • Live stream to Twitter/YouTube/Facebook
  • Accept live call-ins

Pro — $29/month ($24/m paid yearly)

  • Record 20 hrs/month of audio and video
  • Separate audio and video tracks
  • Live stream to Twitter/YouTube/Facebook
  • Accept live call-ins
  • Including transcriptions

You can save up to 21% by going with a yearly plan, rather than paying monthly.

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Big media names, including Marvel, Spotify, and Disney, as well as renowned personalities like Hillary Clinton and Guy Raz, all use Riverside FM. That’s more than enough social proof and saying quite a lot about the platform’s reliability.

Riverside FM has consistently set the pace when it comes to dishing out new and improved features. So, if you’re in the market for a leading podcast and video creation platform that is well ahead of the curve, RIVERSIDE.FM is your go to software.