Originality.AI Review: More Than Just a Plagiarism Checker?

Originality.AI is an online tool that scans your content for plagiarism and other forms of intellectual property theft. It goes beyond the typical “copy-and-paste” detection methods to also detect paraphrasing, misspellings, and even synonyms used in the text.

It’s a comprehensive plagiarism checker that can be used for a variety of purposes, including web pages and blog posts. It also has an integrated learning algorithm that improves its accuracy over time.

The tool is also very user-friendly; it takes just a few minutes to get set up and running. You don’t need any technical knowledge or skills to use it. All you need to do is copy and paste your content into the text box, and Originality.AI will take care of the rest.


Who Is Originality.AI Good for?

Originality.AI has been designed to better help online business owners know how original their content is. It focuses lesser on academics and so may not be the best tool for educators and instructors.

Here’s who Originality.AI best suits:

  • Blogger
  • Web publisher
  • Content agency
  • Website buyer

Originality.AI Features

What features does Originality.AI have? Check below.

  • Plagiarism checking
  • AI-written content detection
  • URL Scanning
  • Easy-to-Use API
  • Team collaboration

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Originality.AI Plans and Pricing

Originality.AI boasts of being among the most affordable plagiarism checker online that give you more for less.

Is Originality.AI Free?

No, Originality.AI isn’t free. Also, there’s no free trial at the moment. To use the tool, you need to purchase credits.

How Much Does Originality.AI Cost?

Originality.AI’s pricing is that you buy credits to use it. It costs at least $20. One credit goes for $0.01.

Below are the details:

  • $20: 2,000 credits
  • $50: 5,000 credits
  • $100: 10,000 credits
  • $250: 25,000 credits
  • $500: 50,000 credits

1 credit equals 100 words, meaning that Originality.AI is less costly than various other plagiarism checkers online. Click Here To Get Started With Originality.AI →

Originality.AI Pros and Cons

Here’s my opinion on Originality.AI.

What I like about Originality.AI

  • Accurate plagiarism detection with a score
  • AI content checker
  • Affordable compared to some other similar tools on the market

What I don’t like about Originality.AI

  • It also only supports English now for AI detection.

Originality Review: Verdict

Originality.AI is a powerful plagiarism checker that uses AI to detect copied content and autogenerated text. It’s also relatively affordable, making it suitable for website owners who need to quickly analyze larger volumes of content. Whether you’re a marketer, writer, or website owner, Originality.AI is definitely worth considering.