Mubert: Empowering Creativity with AI-Generated Music

In the digital age, content creators, brands, and developers are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their projects with captivating soundtracks. Mubert, an AI-powered royalty-free music ecosystem, emerges as a game-changer in this realm. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Mubert revolutionizes music creation by offering instant, customized tracks tailored to individual needs. In this blog, we will explore the features, benefits, target audience, pricing options, and conclude with the impact Mubert has on the creative industry.

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Mubert boasts an array of powerful features that make it an exceptional platform for music creation:

  1. AI-generated Music: With Mubert’s AI technology, users can instantly create high-quality music for streaming, videos, podcasts, and commercial use. The AI algorithm generates unique tracks based on desired parameters like mood, duration, and tempo.
  2. Mubert Render: Content creators can take advantage of Mubert Render, a feature that allows them to generate soundtracks precisely tailored to their content’s mood, duration, and tempo. This customization ensures a seamless blend between visuals and music.
  3. Mubert Studio: Artists find a platform in Mubert Studio to showcase their talent and earn money. They can contribute tracks, samples, and loops, opening up new revenue streams and exposure opportunities.
  4. Mubert API: Developers and brands benefit from Mubert’s API, which grants access to a vast library of royalty-free music. This allows them to integrate music seamlessly into their products and platforms, enhancing user experiences.
  5. Mubert Play: Mubert Play offers personalized music experiences by curating soundtracks based on individual preferences, moods, and activities. Users can enjoy a tailored audio experience for various occasions and moments.


Mubert brings numerous benefits to the table, including:

  1. Time and Effort Saving: Content creators no longer need to spend hours searching for the perfect track. Mubert’s AI generates instant, high-quality music, eliminating the hassle of manual selection.
  2. Customization: The ability to customize music according to specific requirements ensures a perfect fit for any project, enhancing its impact and engagement.
  3. Royalty-Free Music: Mubert provides a vast library of royalty-free music, eliminating the risk of copyright infringement and enabling hassle-free usage across various platforms.
  4. Monetization Opportunities: Mubert Studio offers artists the chance to monetize their creations, enabling them to diversify their income streams and gain exposure to a global audience.

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Who is it for

Mubert caters to a wide range of professionals and industries:

  1. Content Creators: Video creators, podcasters, and streamers can elevate their content with customized soundtracks that enhance the mood and captivate their audience.
  2. Brands and Developers: Mubert’s API empowers brands and developers to integrate royalty-free music seamlessly into their products and platforms, creating engaging user experiences.
  3. Artists and Musicians: Mubert Studio provides a platform for artists and musicians to monetize their talent, expand their audience, and explore new revenue streams.


Mubert offers four pricing editions to cater to different needs and budgets:

  1. Ambassador: Free edition with MP3 tracks, attribution required, suitable for social media and NFT art soundtracks.
  2. Creator: Priced at $14.00 per month, it offers lossless quality, no attribution required, monetization opportunities, and promoted/boosted posts.
  3. Pro: Priced at $39.00 per month, it includes features from the Creator edition, along with digital ads, e-commerce website usage, and commercial applications.
  4. Business: Priced at $199.00 per month, this edition expands on the Pro version, offering TV, radio, VOD usage, account manager support, sublicensing, and the ability to resell and distribute.


Mubert stands as a groundbreaking AI-powered music ecosystem that revolutionizes the way music is created, shared, and used. With its AI-generated music, Mubert Render, Mubert Studio, Mubert API, and personalized experiences through Mubert Play, the platform offers unmatched customization and flexibility. Content creators, brands, developers, and artists can benefit from Mubert’s vast array of features, unlocking new creative possibilities and revenue streams. With its range of pricing options, Mubert caters to various budgets and needs, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Embrace the power of Mubert and embark on a journey of musical innovation and creativity.