Longshot.ai Review

Longshot.ai, an innovative AI content production tool that makes it quick and easy to produce both long- and short-form material for blogs. 

A GPT-3 product called LongShot is an all-in-one blogging tool that works with the keyword research you do or the paragraph you provide it to help you generate high-quality content.


Features of LONGSHOT. AI

LongShot comes with a list of features that are unique for the crowd and helps you create a good amount of content in whatever space you want to.

Here is a list of a few :

  • Blog Post
  • Marketing Content
  • Ads Copy
  • Brand Development
  • Product Descriptions
  • Sales Email
  • Content Extender, and more.

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Generation of Marketing Copy

All you need to do is enter the main keywords that you want to include in your content and give a little description about it. With so few details, you get to choose a pre-installed template before AI fills the areas for AIDA for you, based on its marketing research.

Advertisement Generation

Want to advertise your product in the best way possible to attract customers? Don’t worry, LongShot is here to help you as well. With its high-quality templates and ideas, you cannot create ads for Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Brand Development

With great content comes a great market and it becomes extremely important to develop your brand on a more advanced level. LongShot helps you do that as well. With quality content that can pass plagiarism checks easily, your brand will only go up and up.

Product Descriptions

Not only blogs or long-form content creation, but LongShot also helps you in creating descriptions for your products by selecting a few of the best through different big markets and helps in boosting the quality of your products to its full potential.

Sales Email

When it comes to pleasing your customers and always being on top of your game by keeping them up to date with all the new features or products that are available on your website, emails are one way to convey such messages. 


  • Ease to use AI Content Generator
  • Time Savior for Copywriters and Entrepreneurs
  • Cutting-edge features when compared with other AI tools
  • Comparatively less priced and value for money
  • Takes very less time to generate 500 words or even thousand word article
  • Generates Quality Content ready for publishing


  • UI can be improved


LongShot offers three different plans that are based on annual, quarterly, and monthly billings. If we look annually, these are the options :

  • Starter – $0/month
  • Pro – $19.90/month
  • Enterprise – $99.90/month

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LongShot.ai believes that if they can develop an AI tool that is not only affordable but credible as well, it is going to change the way people look at AI and its market as a whole.

LongShot.ai is one of the most innovative tools for blog content generation in the market right now and it won’t hurt to try since you get to try it for free and if you’re willing to go for it, you can!