CreateStudioPro Review

Create Studio Pro is your modern, interactive and creative business studio platform that makes connections with media not only interactive but also captivating. An all hub solution to creating motion graphics, 2D and 3D animations for background, characters, icons and so much more.


What does CreateStudioPro offers 

  • Intuitive Editor
  • Smart Components
  • Composition
  • Characters
  • Pre-built templates
  • Keyframe
  • Global Libraries 
  • Integrations 
  • Brand Overlay

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    What makes CreateStudioPro Unique

    • Intuitive Editor: Easy user interface to create videos at more convenience. Drop and drag clips to create videos with their inbuilt interface without any prior skill requirement 
    • Smart Components: Pre-coded smart elements pace up your work and save you time. Now you have more time to generate ideas and work with better resources.
    • Composition: Create scenes with the masking feature for both elements and groups items. This gives you the full customisable ability of the subject you wanna create or remove. 
    • Characters: Build and create animated characters for your videos with a simple drag and drop. Now create videos with an avatar of your own. 
    • Keyframe: Custom animations for your all custom characters.
    • Global Libraries: Save all your media in the single drop global libraries.
    • Integrations: Share your creativity into the world of social media with just a single click.

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    • Super easy to use and affordable 
    • User friendly optimisation
    • Size variation option for all your video content
    • Creative enhancement with in built template and customisation option 


    The features are more developed in complexity but are more supportive in creating better and faster videos.


    CreateStudio Standard $67 (You’re saving $130)

    • Includes lifetime access to CreateStudio software 
    • Includes base package of characters & templates

    CreateStudio is currently giving $130 discount. This is an speical offer. Don’t miss it out. Click Here To Get CreateStudio Today

    CreateStudio 199/year Billed annually Consists of 

    • Includes lifetime access to CreateStudio software 
    • Includes access to all characters, templates & video resources. 
    • Includes NEW Templates, Characters & Video Resources EVERY MONTH. 
    • Includes access to Massive royalty-free music library. 
    • Includes access to our drag & drop scene builder with new scenes each month.

    Everything in standard CreateStudio, plus access to every template, character, audio library as well as new characters & templates added every month!


    CreateStudioPro is your all rounder easy going creative building platform that is not only user friendly but also has multiple customizable options to keep your creativity growing. For your all creative works in the field of media, art and recreation, your all in one solution is CreateStudioPro.