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Transform your documents and processes into a powerful playbook for your business. Waybook is a powerful tool to turn your documents, processes, and know-how into effective and organized onboarding training and reference materials.


With Waybook, you no longer have to hound that one person for info. Waybook helps you build a playbook for your business, with all your training materials and documents in one place. Now it’s easy to capture store and share knowledge and business information with your team so you can scale faster.

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Every successful business needs a great playbook, and Waybook was designed by process experts to help keep you organized. The easy-to-use interface that lets you create documentation directly in the tool using two structures: Subjects and Documents. Subjects mirror your departments or business functions, while the Documents structure reflects your business activities.

With Waybook, you can standardize best practices across your org, helping you delegate and outsource work more effectively. Customize access and permissions to your playbooks to streamline collaboration. so the right people can view the right information for their role. You’ll be able to give team members access to the documents they need to do their jobs and limit edit access to protect your processes and important documents.

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Simplify training and onboarding by housing all your new hire materials in Waybook. You can use completion tracking to see whether everyone is up-to-date on best practices and guides. As you update processes or knowledge docs, Waybook can automatically notify relevant team members and request that they re-review or re-complete the documents.

Waybook lets you quantify your team’s knowledge with multiple choice quizzes and tests to make sure your employees have read and understood the content. You can create simple quizzes and complex tests with a minimum percentage employees have to score to certify excellence and ensure compliance. Don’t get lost trying to navigate business plans and new hire orientation off the top of your head. Rally your business processes and your team with your very own business playbook.

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Plans and Features

Deal Terms 

as checkLifetime access to Waybook

as checkAll future Core Plan updates

as checkYou must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

as checkStack up to 5 codes

as checkGDPR compliant

as checkOnly for new Waybook users who do not have existing accounts

as check60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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Features Included in All Plans 

as checkUnlimited subjects, documents, and steps

as checkFull image and video embed functionality

as checkPowerful content editor

as checkContent tests and assessments

as checkCustomizable branding

as checkContent library

as checkAutomatic reader notifications

as checkReader status tracking

as checkAdvanced search functionality

as checkBookmarked documents

as checkMultilayer team and access permissions

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