TrueRanker Review

Unfortunately, flashy backgrounds and glittery fonts aren’t enough to get people to visit your website these days. (“So you’re saying that HTML I learned for Myspace isn’t gonna cut it?”)

You want to perfect your SEO strategy for more traffic and revenue, but you don’t have the time to constantly find and track all the right keywords.

Want a simple way to buff up your SEO, whether you’re working with a team or solo?

Meet TrueRanker

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  • Discover and track relevant keywords to improve SEO visibility and traffic
  • Alternative to: SE Ranking and Pro Rank Tracker


TrueRanker is a powerful keyword rank tracker that makes it easy to monitor, improve, and localize your SEO strategy.


  • Optimize your SEO strategy by tracking the performance of your sites and the competition.
  • Monitor your daily keyword positions around the world with Google Search Console data.
  • Send and receive automated SEO reports to stay on top of your keyword positions.
  • Get project data at-a-glance by plugging TrueRanker into WordPress or downloading it onto your Android device.

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Automatic daily update
Unlimited rank history
App and web access
Competition data
WordPress plugin
Domain keywords research
Cannibalization detector
Google search data
Google Chrome extensions SEO tracking


This tool is a relatively new one. Thus, they often change their prices. We avoided mentioning the price in this review to prevent misconceptions. Check out their official website by clicking here for pricing and other information.

Wrap Up

Step up your SEO strategy by finding and tracking the most relevant keywords

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