SKETCHGENIUS REVIEW – Is it Worth your Money and Time?

Isn’t it amazing if we could make sketch videos from still photos that we have on our smartphones and cameras? Sounds interesting right?

Introducing the next-generation AI video creator, SketchGenius. How valuable is this software? What’s the catch?

What Is Sketch Genius?

Sketch Genius is a cloud based software that will allow you create sketch videos by turning any photo or image into 3D drawings and sketch animated videos in various colours, sketch styles and backgrounds using Artificial Intelligence.


Sketch Genius Features

SketchGenius delivers several first-to-market features not available in any other softwares. Check out the incredible UNIQUE and never seen before features below and get ready to be BLOWN AWAY…

  • Photo-To-3D Sketch Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence Scene Creator
  • Auto Colour Detect Technology
  • Subtitles & Captions Creator
  • Speech-To-Text Transcription
  • 1-Click Language Translation
  • 100’s of Text-To-Speech Voices
  • Unique Sketch Themes & Styles
  • Millions of Royalty-Free Images
  • Built-in Music Library
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • 10 Minutes Max Video Length
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Sell The Videos
  • Facebook Group Access
  • Skype Mentorship Group Access

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With Sketch Genius You Can

  • Crayon Sketch Videos: Create full-color crayon sketches of any photo.
  • Charcoal Sketch Videos: Unique attention-grabbing videos featuring charcoal sketches can help you attract, engage, and close more sales. Engage audiences in a compelling story & keep them attentive from start to finish!
  • Animated Notebook Videos: With a flipping’ page for ultra-engaging storytelling, this pencil sketch is placed inside an animated notebook. Engage your audience with a video that meets your marketing goals. Now it’s easy and fun to create a marketing video, sales presentations, product demos, and educational videos!
  • Chalkboard Sketch Videos: With chalkboard sketch videos, you can turn photos into incredibly detailed videos. Create effective videos on any topic or niche that look like works of art. Your company or client can attract new customers by creating educational videos, product demos, and explainer videos!
  • Color Pencil Sketch Videos: A multi-purpose video animation with pencil sketches in full color that you can use for any type of video! No technical experience is necessary. In just a few minutes, you can create everything from explainer videos to product presentations to social media!
  • Blueprint Sketch Videos: Using photos you can create a video like no other like Blueprint sketch videos. Catch the eye with pattern-interrupted sketches. They’re perfect for real estate videos, architecture videos, and social media!
  • Animated Sketch Flipbook Videos: Color sketch flipbook videos will leave a lasting impression on your audience. With high-impact videos, you can increase engagement and decrease bounce rates.

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Sketch Genius Benefits

You might have this question on your mind: why should I invest in something new like SketchGenius when there are many well-established photo animation software out there? Let me clear your doubts!

  • Intuitive UI: Other similar software like Sketch Genius have complex user interfaces which need some prior technological knowledge.
  • Drag-and-drop editing functions: Makes work easier by offering Drag & Drop editors like other Sketch Genius alternatives available.
  • Cloud Storage: Easily access from anywhere, any time, on any device with 100% cloud-based service.
  • You’re guaranteed a refund within 30 days: Didn’t like using it? Get a refund within 30 days of purchase, another advantage over Sketch Genius competitors out there.

Sketch Genius Best For

Everyone can use SketchGenius. In many cases, though, using whiteboard animation videos to convey your message and show off your USP is the right choice for propaganda or to emphasize your USP.

Digital marketers, photographers, graphic designers can all use doodle videos. So, I will explain one by one who should use SketchGenius.

  • Graphic Designers: Stand out from the crowded graphic designing industry? SketchGenius helps you create 3D drawings from static photos and sketch animations from animated videos of different colors, styles, and animations.
  • Photographers: Have an unwanted thing in the background in an otherwise stunning shot? SketchGenius has the best background removal tool for your rescue!
  • Digital Marketer: Videos are likely the most important component of your journey as a digital marketer. Videos can be utilized for many purposes, including launching products, sharing business information, explaining product changes, and also explaining services.
    Catchy 3D sketch videos can have a huge impact on your marketing campaigns and bring in leads, as well as increase conversions.
  • Video Making Freelancer: Tired of complex, time-consuming video-making software? Clients nagging for change again? Hopping from one app to another? SketchGenius got your back! Make your video creating process seamless with SketchGenius’s all-rounding features!
  • Marketing Agencies: Making videos for your clients that represent their brands well is easy with this tool. Presenters who are looking to make engaging presentations that grab the audience’s attention, this is it!

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Sketch Genius Pros

  • Easy to use for beginners. Cloud-based system.
  • Simple To Use
  • Dashboard designed with friendliness
  • Licensed for commercial use. Profit from selling video services.
  • Money-back guarantee with no questions asked within 30 days

Sketch Genius Cons

  • Video rendering could be a time taking process on a slow internet connection.


  • Price: 49 (ONE-TIME)
  • Price Currency: USD
  • Operating System: Web Application

Final Words

SketchGenius is an advanced sketch video animation app ever made. This is a great option for all video creators who want to create high-quality, engaging video content. Your investment is backed by a 30 days 100% money-back guarantee policy. You have got nothing to lose with SketchGenius.