Sendowl Review: is it worth it?

Are you looking for an easy and secure way to distribute digital products? Have you searched for a platform that eliminates the hassle of setting up payment processing, managing fulfillment, and handling customer service requests? Look no further than Sendowl! In this review, we break down every aspect of using Sendowl, from pricing, features, and benefits, so that you can determine whether or not it’s right for your business needs!


What is Sendowl?

Sendowl is an innovative platform for sending digital products, such as music, ebooks, digital software, and e-greeting cards. The company aims to make sending software and other digital goods easy and secure. With Sendowl, you don’t have to worry about customers waiting for delivery, managing credit card payments, or staffing customer service departments. Instead, you can focus on designing and shipping your product with Sendowl at the forefront of your mind.

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Sendowl Key Features

  • 1. Limitless delivery: Sendowl’s delivery method is completely customizable. Customers can receive digital products via email, a preloaded Sendowl SD card, or their Sendowl account.
  • 2. Easy payments: Sendowl integrates with PayPal, Stripe, and to accept payments in multiple forms of credit and debit cards. You can also create your payment gateway to accept other payment forms!
  • 3. Multi-language & multi-currency: Sendowl supports every language and currency available on the internet. You can ship software, ebooks, and other digital media in your preferred languages!
  • 4. Email marketing integrations: Sendowl allows you to create and send email marketing campaigns directly from Sendowl! You can increase your sales by creating more targeted promotions and advertisements.
  • 5. Flexible payment options: Sendowl offers flexible payment options, including Paypal and Stripe payments. You can also create your integration to accept payments!
  • 6. Easy analytics: Sendowl provides you with sales breakdowns so that you can monitor how many users are viewing your products and how many are buying them! 
  • 7. Integrate with Shopify: Sendowl easily integrates your Shopify account, so you can customize your products and payments.
  • 8. API access: So that you can create your products, Sendowl provides access to its API. You can use the API to create applications that connect with your Sendowl account and allow you to manage your shipments.
  • 9. You can create Multi-user accounts: So, you have a website with multiple users and want to send digital products to them all? Sendowl has made it easy for you! You can add multiple user accounts, create different delivery methods (such as email or SD card), and even create customized user profiles.

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Sendowl Pros

  • Easy to Use: Sendowl simplifies the process of creating and sending your digital products. You can create your digital products with drag-and-drop ease, and Sendowl will handle all payment processing and customer service requests! 
  • Fast & secure delivery: Sendowl delivers your digital goods quickly and securely. Your customers can even track their orders as they make their way to their email inboxes!
  • Flexible & customizable: Sendowl allows you to customize your delivery methods, payment options, and customer service department. 
  • Modern, responsive checkout: Sendowl provides a modern, responsive checkout process. Your customers can complete their transactions with Sendowl quickly and easily!

Sendowl Cons

  • Limited features: If you want to send physical goods, such as printed photo books, Sendowl is not the best platform for you. All of the products that you can send with Sendowl are digital.
  • Limited shipping options: When you use Sendowl, you can only ship your products via email or a preloaded SD card. If you prefer to ship physical goods, such as photo books, then Sendowl might not be for you!
  • Slightly more expensive: Sendowl is priced slightly higher than some other digital delivery services. This is because Sendowl provides additional customer service options and integration with other services, such as Shopify.

Sendowl Pricing

Sendowl has two plans:

1. Free Plan

The free plan is ideal for starters who have low volume. It limits the number of products you can send, your email marketing options, and your customer service options.

  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • Unlimited usage
  • Standard templates

2. Growth Plan at $19 /month.

This plan is suitable for large-scale selling. It includes all the free plan features and offers additional features, such as API access and website integrations and customizations.

sendowl is currently giving 30 day free trial for free. This is an speical offer. Don’t miss it out. Click Here to Start 30 day free trial →

Who is it for?

Sendowl is ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs who need a secure, reliable, and simple way to send digital products. Sendowl can serve as a great bridge between you and your customers. It allows you to create attractive promotional items that your customers can easily order. The platform also allows you to reduce the amount of time you spend managing your shipping process so that you can focus on growing your business.


Sendowl is a great, reliable digital delivery platform for business owners who want to sell their products. If you are an artist, musician, writer, or any creator of any kind of digital content and want to automate creating and selling your work online, Sendowl is the best option for you.