Rize Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $99.00

Rize is an intelligent time tracker that makes you more productive.


It helps you be more in control of your workday and builds better habits by encouraging you to be more focused.We built Rize with a philosophy similar to Cal Newport’s view on productivity—that the value of deep work is becoming both increasingly valuable and rare in our world.

To cultivate deep work, we need to understand how our habits affect how much time and attention we spend on tasks. Only then can we begin to change and improve ourselves.Here are some of the questions you can finally answer with Rize:

✅ What apps/websites are distracting me the most?
✅ How often am I context switching?
✅ How focused and am I during the day?
✅ Am I actually being efficient with my time?
✅ Am I taking enough breaks?
✅ Am I working too much?
✅ Do I have too many meetings?

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Rize is available on macOS and Windows.

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Rize Lifetime Offer (price)

These terms are applicable for Appsumo users only.Rize Lifetime Appsumo Plan $119.

Plans and Features

Deal Terms 

as checkLifetime access to Rize – Your Personal Productivity Tracker Plan

as checkYou must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

as checkAll future Rize – Your Personal Productivity Tracker Plan updates

as checkPlease note: This deal is not stackable

as check60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

Rize: Your Personal Productivity Tracker – Plus ExclusiveOne Time Purchase of$99.99$1800.00

as checkUnlimited hours tracked

as checkDaily focus, break, and meeting scores

as checkCustomizable categories

as checkSmart break notifications

as checkFocus interrupters and context-switching metrics

as checkMeeting categorization

as checkAutomated tracking hours

as checkDaily email report

as checkWork hours metrics and notifications

as checkGoogle Calendar integration