Paykickstart Review

For online enterprises, PayKickstart offers shopping cart and affiliate administration.

With cutting-edge out-of-the-box technologies, the vendor guarantees to assist customers in raising metrics like sales, average customer/transaction value, and monthly recurring revenue. They consist of address auto-complete, subscription saver sequence, 1-click upsells, order bumps, coupons, free/paid trials, payment plans, and popup widgets that may be customized for checkout pages and popup widgets.




  • Recurring/Subscription Management
  • Affiliate Tracking & Management
  • Customizable Checkout Templates, Popup Widgets and Form Embeds
  • Coupon Code Management
  • Sales & VAT Tax Management
  • Licensing System
  • Customizable Email Notifications
  • Dunning Management / Cart Abandonment
  • Process in up to 32 Currencies
  • Import Existing Subscriptions
  • Plan Management
  • Custom API

Benefits of features

The checkout experience

To bag those sales, it’s important to give your customers a smooth checkout experience — PayKickStart lets you do this with:

  • Embeddable checkout forms for your pages, or checkout pop-ups for when your buy button is clicked
  • Over 50 customizable, one-step and multi-step checkout templates
  • Checkout support for 20+ languages and 135+ currencies

You can also create your own unique checkout experience with PayKickStart’s API.

Conversion optimization features

Apart from offering your customers coupons for one-time or recurring discounts, promotions, and special offers, PayKickStart also lets you:

  • Offer one-click upsells to customers who have placed their order
  • Offer order bumps to let customers add complementary products to their orders
  • Use exit intent pop-ups to urge those leaving your site to continue with their purchase
  • Use retargeting Facebook and Google ads to win over customers you thought you’d lost

All of PayKickStart’s checkout options are mobile-optimized.

Subscription management 

You can offer coupons, free trials, add-ons, overages, and prorations to nurture your customer relationships and maximize your revenue. You can also select a pricing model that’s most suitable for your customers — and track and manage your subscriptions at scale.

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You can handle every aspect of selling both one-time buy products and subscriptions with Paykickstart. It particularly shines when it comes to subscriptions. With regard to subscriptions, there are many distinct difficulties and chances for automation. You are provided with the resources by Paykickstart to guarantee the retention of your subscriber base. They have a cancellation saver that you can use to offer automated discounts. To remind people to update their billing information before their card expires, you can send automated emails. And a whole lot more. It’s wonderful. Additionally, it integrates with almost every other piece of software available.


setup could be a little challenging. However, their online chat assistance and help materials are excellent. So even if you’re a beginner, you can set everything up.


PayKickstart has three levels of subscription for small and medium sized businesses, and they’ll tailor a custom plan to larger brands that are doing more than $200k per month in revenue. The plan breakdown is like this:

  • Starter, $99/mo ($79/mo, if paid annually) — The entry level plan does not include any of the affiliate marketing features—this is all payments, conversion tools, and reporting—so we’re going to skip right past this one.
  • Growth, $199/mo ($159/mo, if paid annually) — Everything that’s included in Starter, for up to $50k/mo revenue and .7% of revenue beyond that. Includes all the Affiliate Marketing features, customer retention tools, and API access and webhooks for custom integrations
  • Scale, $299/mo ($239/mo and discounted gateway fees, if paid annually) — Everything that’s included in Growth, but for unlimited users and up to $200k/mo revenue (.5% of revenue beyond that). Also: priority support, and advanced customer insights.

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PayKickStart was designed as a way to handle the payment and marketing requirements of subscription based products and services. For this reason, it’s a no-brainer for any business that fits that description to check the platform out. This isn’t the only platform to cater to that market, but it’s definitely one of the better ones. The features are all there for any kind of business to implement a quick and effective affiliate program—and to handle taking the payments at the same time it’s calculating commissions. Whether or not you need all of that might determine if this platform is the right choice for you. But the truth is even if you’re just looking to integrate into your existing tech stack, PayKickstart is worth a look.