MutantMail Review

Mutant Mail is the server-side solution that will help you to get all of your domain emails on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo according to your choice and give you authority to reply from there directly. And, thus you will easily be able to maintain all your emails in a single inbox which is way more peaceful to the mind and helps you focus more on self-growth.


You can respond faster to the emails, and you also need not log in to separate emails to save you so much time. You don’t need to remember all these different passwords. You only need to reply to all the emails on the Mutant Mail, and it will take care of each and everything. Neither you need to pay even a penny for the email hosting, nor are you required to put all the email ids in one email client. It is way clearer that Mutant Mail will support everything the inbox does.

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Mutant Mail Review: Reasons To Choose Mutant Mail 

It manages emails easily

Mutant Mail is a great software that maintains your alias. This means Mutant Mail will ensure that the email you send should be sent from the appropriate alias, not from your current inbox. You can send, receive and reply to any domain email, i.e.,,,, from a single inbox that you will decide. And it will also save you from the trauma of login in every day. 

It saves your time and clients

There are so many emails to be managed and responded to while running a business. And responding to all the emails at the right time is essential to save the clients. And it is not even possible to reply to all the emails every day. So, Mutant Mail brings all your email to one inbox – Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Your email management will become far better and easier after this. 

It is far better than email forwarder/client

Mutant Mail is way better than Email Forwarder/Client, as the Email Forwarder/Client requires a higher number of email id. You can not use Email Client properly if you don’t have a handy laptop. Even then, you will need to choose from the drop-down each moment you respond to an email if you also want your appearance to be maintained. Email Forwarder could be a great option, but the only flaw is that your business email id alias won’t be maintained. 

It is good segregating the email IDs 

Suppose you are running different-different businesses, and you are required to have the segregation of your email id across multiple domains into groups. Here, Mutant Mail would configure your email id for a different destination. For instance, all your support-related emails will be gone to your support team, and your legal team will receive all your legal emails. Thus Mutant Mail will help you segregate your email id types in your business.  And replying to the email is also not a big deal as it maintains the alias appearance beautifully.

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How Does Mutant Mail Work?

Sign Up Mutant Mail

Likewise, to other tools, Mutant Mail also requires you to sign up before having complete access. You need to fulfill only three things – Username, Your Real Email Address, and Password. And then you are ready to register. 

 Add Your Domain

It is just a sweet and simple 2-step process, and for that, you only have to click on the tab named “Your Domains.” You will only be required to copy and paste a few lines. And after this process, your domain emails will automatically be attached. And then, you will easily be able to receive, send and reply to all the necessary emails from a single inbox. 

Finally, Email

Now, all the setup is almost ready, and thus you’re only required to email id beforehand or on the fly. And, if you enable the catch-all, the alias will automatically be created after receiving the first email. Finally, you will be able to receive, reply to old and send a new email to anyone you want, from the comfort of a single inbox, and it will also maintain your alias.

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Mutant Review: Silent Features & Benefits

Single Inbox For Your Domain

Mutant Mail has a very good interface, but you won’t be required to log in to Mutant Mail if you want to receive, reply and send emails through your domain emails. If you were to reply to the emails you got on your forwarded email, you could easily do it by directly clicking on the email. And even your recipient will receive the email from the same domain email id. This tool will maintain your alias appearance and won’t create any problems for your email provider. 

Complete Encryption 

You only need one thing, i.e., GPG/OpenPGP public keys, and you are required to add all these per recipient. Then, you will have toggle encryption on and off the button in your hands. If you do the encryption, you will encrypt all the messages with the public keys you have decided. And if you want them to decrypt anyhow, then it can be done only with the help of the corresponding private keys. This is one of the irresistible features of MutantMail that you’ll get access to all the domain emails, and you’ll be free from inbox snooping. 

Control Your Alias 

You can effortlessly attach your domain and easily access your Gmail. MutantMail gives you enough authority to enable or disable the “catch-all” feature for all the domains you have. And believe me, after this, your aliases become way easier to manage, and you can deactivate any spam. In simple words, we can say that you can block any of the specific senders anytime. 

Multiple Recipients 

If you wish to belong an alias to more than one recipient, you only need to change the setting and add the multiple recipients through the dashboard. This becomes one of the most demanding features when you are already using the work email but still don’t want some important emails to be missed. 

Email ID Segregation

API Access

MutantMail API is good at managing the aliases, recipients, and domains. And if you are even looking to use the API, you’re first required to generate the API access token with the help of your account setting. 

Anonymity and Privacy 

Mutant Mail always has the assurity that it will never snoop on the customer’s email. They claim that they don’t store, log or track the email as they only log its size, not track it. You can also use some other security options to make your email more secure, such as Two-factor authentication and PGP encryption.

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Mutant Mail has a single-price plan, and it comes with affordable pricing for monthly usage.

What you will get in this plan:

  • 50 Email IDs 
  • 10 Domains Allowed 
  • 15 Recipient Email IDs
  • Paid Plan Settings
  • Option to disable the catch-all
  • Additional Alias Domains
  • Priority Email Queue
  • 5 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • View Failed Deliveries

It will cost you around $5.99 monthly. And you will make safe and secure payments with the assurity of JVZoo. 


Mutant Mail is a very pocket-friendly tool and comes with a monthly subscription that will allow you to cease the subscription according to the time fluctuation. And I was making such a small investment to make email management easier for you and help you. 

I hope in this article; you have got to know everything about the tool. Purchase the tool so that you can have a peaceful life and business.