Murlist Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $79.00 

Murlist lets you send hyper-personalized video cold emails and automate drip campaigns to drive leads down the sales funnel.

Inshort: Easily send super personalized video emails at scale, with email verification integration to ensure you send to active addresses.Create automated drip campaigns to move your prospects down the sales funnel

Alternative to: Woodpecker

Best for: SMBs, sales teams, and marketers looking to boost outreach with personalized emails that don’t end up in spam folders


With Murlist, you can use personalized video email outreach to make a great first impression with potential leads.Upload a selfie-like video to craft unique messages that resonate with your recipient.Most “personalized” emails only start with “Hi {first_name},” but Murlist can automatically fill in other required fields like logos and names.In fact, Murlist users have seen a serious increase in average reply rates by including videos within their emails.

If your cold emails often get marked as spam, then your domain could get blacklisted by Gmail servers.You can avoid this worst-case scenario by utilizing the sender rotation feature to launch a single campaign with multiple senders.Murlist sends emails by rotating between multiple addresses, so your messages won’t get banned or sent to the spam inbox.That means you can launch multiple email campaigns without worrying about your mailbox reputation.

Maintaining your address reputation can be difficult for businesses that send cold, newsletter, or onboarding emails constantly to make sales—but Murlist has got you covered.It uses a network of 2500+ real email addresses and algorithms to simulate positive user behaviors with your inbox.You can monitor your inbox health score and account blacklist status to avoid the almighty spam filter.Plus, Murlist can also auto-reply to emails, so you can move prospects along the sales funnel with minimal effort.

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With email validation, Murlist lets you send messages only to users who exist.The tool can detect inactive, disposable, and spam-trap emails, as well as remove duplicate emails from your list.Just upload a list of emails to verify and the tool will automatically process emails and identify their status. From there, you can download a list of valid or invalid email addresses.

Thanks to the lead engine, you’ll also be able to collect data on your visitors and build the right profile for every prospect.We all want to send messages that get replies, not ignored*. (*excludes 3 a.m. texts to your ex that you regret the next morning)With Murlist, you can send personalized emails at scale and maintain your email reputation, letting you boost conversion rates.Send lead-seeking emails that impress.

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Murlist Lifetime Offer (price)

These terms are applicable for Appsumo users only.Murlist Lifetime Appsumo Plan $79.

Plans and Features

Deal Terms 

as checkLifetime access to Murlist

as checkAll future Email Campaign Startup, Lead Engine Starter (C1)/Scale (C2)/Growth (C3), Email Warming, or Email Verify Plan updates

as checkYou must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

as checkStack up to 3 codes

as checkGDPR compliant

as checkPrevious AppSumo customers who purchased Murlist’s Email Warmup deal can buy more codes to increase their feature limits

as checkPrevious AppSumo customers of Murlist’s Email Warmup deal will be grandfathered into Code 1 of this deal

as check60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Features Included in All Plans 

as checkUnlimited contacts, prospects & storage

as checkEmail Warmup Plan: blacklist monitoring, spam report, fully automated, and send up to 50 email warmup emails daily per mailbox

as checkEmail Campaigns Startup Plan: send video and image emails, live analytics, custom domain for tracking, and spintax

SingleOne Time Purchase of$79.00$899.00

as checkAll features above included

as check1 workspace(s): independent of Murlist instances

as checkEmail Warmup Plan:

as check5 synced mailboxes

as checkNetwork of 2,500 mailboxes

as checkLead Engine StarterPlan:

as check2,000 credits per month

as checkUnlimited visitor analyses

as checkEmail Verify Plan:

as check5,000 credits per month

as checkEmail Campaigns Startup Plan:

as check5,000 video and image emails per month

as checkSend unlimited text emails

as checkHyper-personalized landing pages for videos