CopyAI Review: Is It Worth It? (2022)

If you want to have all the creativity you need when it comes to both content writing and copywriting, then you should use CopyAI.This tool is designed to help you write copy that is both creative and effective.

Start by selecting the type of copy that you want to write, describe your product, and voila – CopyAI will provide you with a variety of templates and examples that you can use to get started.


You can also use the tool to help improve your writing skills by practicing with different copywriting prompts.

So whether you’re stuck for ideas or just want to step up your game, CopyAI is the perfect tool for you!


With CopyAI you can create words that are suitable for a number of different purposes – whether you’re writing sales copy that sells or just want to get your point across more effectively.


The following are some of the features that are available through CopyAI:

  • Create digital ad copy that sells
  • Generate blog posts ideas and have the actual content created
  • Easily come up with headlines for your website
  • Use A.I. to create content in 25+ languages as needed
  • Improve your email open rates with subjects lines that promote your products, services, and brand.

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User Experience

User Experience

By filling in a few key information, such as your product name, a description of your product, and a few advanced settings, you can get a well-written product description within seconds.

I also like that you can choose the tone of your description, whether it’s serious, funny, or something in between.


  • With a free plan that’s great for testing, there are then these two paid options:
  • Pro: Great for small businesses, charged at $35 per month (billed yearly)
  • Enterprise: Great for larger teams, with a custom quote being provided on request.

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What I Like/Dislike About CopyAI:


  • Great for writing drafts, outlines, and brainstorming
  • Unlimited credits mean you can use it as often as you like
  • Using the first draft wizard is simple and straightforward


  • The UI is a not the easiest to navigate
  • Creating long-term content still leaves something to be desired

Product Updates

  • The new content brief generator allows you to create content briefs with ease.
  • Custom tone and style settings help you create content that is on-brand.

Get started with CopyAI.


Want to end writers’ block once and for all? I recommend CopyAI. This online tool is designed to help you write copy that is both creative and effective. You can use it to generate ideas for blog posts, headlines, digital ads, and more. Plus, the A.I.-powered content engine can create content in 25+ languages!